Ooty Organic & Green Tea

Korakundah Organic Oolong Tea


Price Rs.395 (100 gms)

It is said that Oolong Tea goes back 400 years, to the end of the Ming Dynasty, a time of great cultural development and invention in Chinese History. It was first grown in the area of Mount Wu Yi Shan in Fujian Province and later spread throughout Asia.

Oolong tea is rich in enzymes that help break down foods so that they are more efficiently metabolized.

For this reason it has been claimed by some to be a slimming aid. It is a source of ant-oxidising vitamins A, B and, C and contains detoxifying alkaloids such as Theine, Theophyline, Theobromine, and amino acid All this makes Oolong tea beneficial for the digestive health, for detoxification.


Korakundah Hand Made TeaKorakundah Hand Made  Tea

Price Rs.600

Finely plucked,handrolled and high grown tea.High in flavour and aroma.Goes best when consumed without milk and sugar.


Korakundah Organic Black Tea

Korakundah Organic Black Tea

Price Rs.125  (250 grams)

High grown premium orthodox tea goes well with or without milk.Add sugar to taste.

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A High altitude organic tea from our Korakundah Gardens well suited to being a Breakfast Tea




Korakundah Organic Camomile Tea


Price Rs.125

A delicate infusion made with pure caomile flowers and green tea, which are well known for their soothing and calming properties.



Korakundah Organic Green Tea Dip Bags


Price Rs.125 .

25 Tea bags of 2 Grams each.

High grown green tea in dip bags.Best consumed without milk and sugar.


Korakundah Organic Green Tea High grown premium orthodox tea – Jasmine flavour


Price Rs.125 (250 grams)

High in antioxidants and lot more to do with health with Jasmine flavour. Do not add milk.




Korakundah Organic Green Tea in Canister Pack


Price Rs.110 (100 grams)





Korakundah Organic Herbal Infusion



Price Rs.150

25 bags of 1 gram each

A delicate infusion made with pure camomile flowers,which makes a soothing tea. Its an ideal bedtime drink.



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